Marco Lombardini

Problems are Underperforming Assets

I don’t work for money medication gabapentin. I work to find ways to solve problems better and more efficiently, which adds value. Then I make a system which performs this task automatically. These systems, collectively, become an asset. And assets attract money in exchange for the problems they solve. The money is just energy, really. Value stored in an imperfect form. People will trade it (and spend time, energy and attention to chase it) because your solution is valuable. Let others chase money. I will build assets that attract it. You should too. It’s a better, more satisfying way to live. You get to solve people’s problems, and become more free and able to do more good in the process. You might even change the world. But nothing happens if you chase, only if you attract.


-From a friend on Facebook.

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I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Consultant in New York City, occasionally writing about Proptech & Techforgood. I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and you can catch me running in Central Park in the mornings.

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